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The generation of foam in the foam pump head

In daily life, we can use a lot of products such as foaming agents. The generation of foam is related to the foam pump head used. The foam pump head manufacturer, this is well known, but what is it related to? Let's take a look at what else it has to do with it.

First of all, the foam pump head, there will be foam because of the presence of surfactants in these cleaners, which is also the main substance that can play a cleaning role. Common surfactants are composed of two parts, one part is a hydrophilic (oleophobic) head group, and the other part is a lipophilic (hydrophobic) carbon chain. When cleaning the surface, the lipophilic carbon chain is combined with oily substances. , and then under water rinsing, the hydrophilic head group is combined with water, and the stain is washed away.

For bubbles, it is equivalent to a sandwich similar to "surfactant-water-surfactant", separating the air on both sides. The bubble is a thermodynamically unstable state, it has a tendency to thin, burst, and return to a liquid state, while the surface-active substances are adsorbed on the gas-liquid interface of the bubble to form a monomolecular layer , so that the film can be prevented from becoming too thin and ruptured locally, but the overall thinning is uniform, so the bubbles will rupture. This property is called film elasticity.

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