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How To Choose A Suitable Pump?


Selection of vacuum pumps, spray pumps, foam pumps, high-volume pumps, oil pumps, metal pumps, toothpaste pumps, high-viscosity pumps, all-plastic pumps, anti-counterfeit pumps, etc.
It often appears at the same time with matching bottles, tanks, hoses, etc., to ensure that the contents of the product are completely isolated from the air during use. Vacuum lotion pumps and ancillary products are mainly suitable for products that contain volatile materials and are susceptible to deterioration by air. They are commonly used in the packaging of medium and high-end cosmetics. Vacuum emulsion pumps generally have no hoses, and the pump output is generally 0.2-1.0ml/time, which can be applied to materials with poor fluidity or high viscosity.
The decoration and structure of the vacuum emulsion pump are relatively rich, such as the addition of aluminum oxide cover, electroplating, spraying, bronzing, printing, laser, laser, labeling, sandblasting, etc., as well as a double-layer structure and double-head that can use a transparent shell Structure (two materials at both ends), double cavity structure (two bottles and two pumps in one package), etc., for the packaging needs of medium and high-end products.
2.Spray pump:
It is a pump product that atomizes and sprays the contents. According to the design of matching with the bottle mouth, it can be divided into a tie type and a screw type. According to the product function, it can be divided into ordinary spray pump, valve (pump type), spray gun, etc.
Spray pump products are mainly suitable for toner, perfume, toilet water, disinfectant, gel water, air freshener, collar cleaner, detergent, insecticide and other product packaging close to water. Some spray pumps can be used in Thinner liquid foundation, sunscreen lotion, BB lotion and other product packaging. Spray pumps are generally equipped with hoses, and the pumping capacity is generally 0.1-0.3ml/time, and there is also 1.0-3.5ml/time pumping capacity.
The common decorations of spray pumps are: adding alumina cover, electroplating, spraying, printing, bronzing and other processes.
3.Foam pump:
It is a pump product that presses the contents out together with air to form foam. Commonly found in product packagings such as hand sanitizers and detergents. The material is thinner and the foam is richer. Foam pumps are generally equipped with hoses, and the pump output is generally 0.4-2.0ml/time.
4.Large output pump:
As the name implies, it refers to a pump product with a relatively large pump output. It is commonly used in food packagings, such as ketchup, salad dressing and other food packaging with a certain fluidity. Large-volume pumps are generally equipped with hoses, with a pumping volume of 5-20ml/time.
5.Oil pump:
It is mainly suitable for the use of oily or oily materials such as baby oil, moisturizing oil, and cleansing oil. The focus is on compatibility.
6.Metal pump:
The appearance of the pump is all made of metal, such as stainless steel, in order to achieve a specific appearance.


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