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How to choose a pump head


The wide application of plastic packaging bottle pump heads is probably in nursing products. Of course, there are also cosmetics, but they are not popular. At the same time, it is similar in the market, and it is worth breaking through by manufacturers and merchants. Although the plastic bottle pump head is inconspicuous, the most expensive and difficult thing about a whole bottle of plastic bottle is it. Everyone must have expected it. The development of the pump head is more difficult than the development of the bottle, so many manufacturers rarely make pumps now, and the market is stagnant. The price of the pump head is often more expensive than the bottle, and there are many points to pay attention to:

1. It should be pressed smoothly, not stuck, and improve user experience. Of course, there are also very cheap pump heads, but the quality is not good, so Yunhui International Packaging does not recommend production and use, and we also refuse to produce products with poor quality; we build high-end industry brands;

2. Differentiation. If your product packaging is the same as other brands, it is estimated that there is no problem, and people will not pay attention, especially when the brand is just starting; quickly occupy the market;

3. Some will get stuck at every turn, and at the same time make a "click" sound. This is a quality issue, which is easily identified by consumers, so the strength of the manufacturer is determined by the product;

At the same time, the price of the plastic pump head is also determined according to the material. Guangdong customers like to ask me a question, how much is a gram for the pump head of this material; obviously, different materials are calculated in grams; at the same time, the pump has teeth of different sizes. If you want to quote, you have to price them according to the parameters given by the customer. It would be better if there are samples.

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