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How does the plastic lotion dispenser dispense?


A plastic lotion dispenser typically operates using a pump mechanism that allows controlled dispensing of the lotion or cosmetic product. The dispenser consists of several key components that work together to facilitate the dispensing process. Here's a general overview of how a plastic lotion dispenser dispenses:
1.Pump Head: The pump head is the topmost part of the dispenser and usually includes a nozzle or spout through which the lotion is dispensed. It is typically operated by pressing or pushing down on the pump head.
2.Dip Tube: Inside the dispenser, a dip tube extends from the pump head to the bottom of the container. The dip tube reaches into the lotion or product and serves to draw the lotion up into the pump mechanism.
3.Pump Mechanism: The pump mechanism consists of a piston, cylinder, and a series of valves. When the pump head is pressed down, it activates the pump mechanism and initiates the dispensing process.
4.Priming: Initially, the pump mechanism needs to be primed to establish suction and draw the lotion up from the container. Pressing the pump head repeatedly primes the pump by creating a vacuum that pulls the lotion up through the dip tube and into the cylinder.
5.Dispensing: Once the pump is primed, subsequent presses of the pump head dispense a metered amount of lotion. When the pump head is pressed down, the piston moves downward, compressing the lotion within the cylinder. This compression forces the lotion through a one-way valve, allowing it to flow out of the nozzle or spout.
6.Rebound: After dispensing, the piston rebounds upward, creating a suction effect that pulls the piston back up and draws lotion into the cylinder for the next dispensing cycle.
The wholesale cream pump dispenser Suppliers is designed to provide controlled and consistent dispensing of the lotion, allowing users to easily obtain the desired amount of product without excessive spillage or wastage. The design and functionality of the pump mechanism can vary depending on the specific dispenser model and the intended application or product viscosity.

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