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Development history of foam pump


In the late 1990s, finger pressure foam pumps rose in China. Since the structure and principle of the finger pressure foam pump is similar to the common plastic pump head, some manufacturers who once engaged in plastic pump head have initially engaged in the product development of the finger pressure foam pump. After more than ten years of experience, related product technology and production capacity have been greatly improved. Although some domestic enterprises producing finger pressure foam pumps have made great progress, there is still much room for improvement in product stability, output and R&D investment. The lack of professional theoretical knowledge and technological innovation, the single product variety, the fierce competition in the industry and the lack of core make it impossible for products to enter the market, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry.

Compared with domestic counterparts, foreign counterparts have made continuous progress in technological innovation. Since the early finger pressure foam pump, there has been a lot of innovation in appearance and structure. Each enterprise has formed its own core technology, with Korean and Japanese enterprises as the representatives. In the daily chemical packaging industry, there is a trend to catch up with European and American peers. After the launch of the finger pressure foam pump, it has won the favor of daily chemical brand manufacturers and achieved rapid market growth. It has been widely used in personal care, household cleaning, automotive supplies, pet products and other industries.

At present, domestic finger pressure foam pumps are widely used in the hand sanitizer industry. After the introduction of magic bubble hand sanitizer, it has been fully recognized by consumers because of its practicality, convenience, simplicity, beautiful packaging, and effective reduction of secondary cross infection. After seeing the huge market potential of foam hand sanitizer, other daily chemical brand manufacturers have launched their own foam hand sanitizer products. The finger pressure foam pump is mainly divided into the following five parts according to the internal structure of the product:

1. Executive part: the function is to transmit the force to other parts inside the product by pressing the button, and realize the press rebound circulation and liquid discharge process of the foam pump through the spring. Different shapes and colors can be designed according to the shape of the head.

2. Liquid storage chamber: it is used to extrude the liquid in the liquid storage chamber during the pressing process of the pressure head, and suck the liquid in the bottle into the liquid storage chamber when the pressure head rebounds; In addition, the spring inside the fluid storage chamber plays a rebound role.

3. Air chamber: similar to the liquid chamber, only air is sucked in and squeezed out of the air chamber.

4. Pipette: the connection part between the liquid in the bottle and the whole pump is the channel for the liquid to enter the liquid storage chamber, which ensures that the liquid in the bottle can be ejected quickly and reduces the residual amount of liquid.

5. Gas liquid mixing chamber: when the head is pressed down, the liquid and air in the liquid storage chamber and gas storage chamber are fully mixed and pressurized in the gas liquid mixing chamber, and fine foam is formed through dense mesh cloth in the air flow mixing chamber.

The working principle of the foam pump seen on the market is basically the same. Compared with the traditional pump, the structure of the whole finger pressure foam pump is more complex, with an air storage chamber. The pump is the core part of the whole product, which determines the liquid output, foam effect and stability.

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