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How to use cosmetic nozzles correctly


Many cosmetic packaging are in the form of spray heads, which can facilitate the access to the cosmetics. Sometimes the cosmetic spray heads are damaged if they are not used correctly. Then, how to use the cosmetic spray heads correctly?

1. When using the cosmetic nozzle, press the nozzle gently. If the force is too much, then the cosmetics will be sprayed out at a time, causing loss and waste of cosmetics.

2. After the cosmetic nozzle is used up, the bottle cap should be tightened. If the bottle cap is not tightened, it is easy to be contaminated. If you reuse cosmetics, it will harm your skin.

3. In the process of using cosmetics, if the cosmetic contact is broken, it must be replaced in time, but the replacement nozzle must match the bottle. If the replacement nozzle cannot be tightened and closed with the bottle, the cosmetic taste will be lost and cause Cosmetics are contaminated.

In short, the cosmetic spray head must be used correctly, so as to give full play to its correct effect, and you must pay attention to it during use.

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