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How to remove the smell of the sprayer


The products of the hand-held sprayer manufacturer are widely used in our life. Because of its small size and flexible use, it is very popular, but it will produce odor after long-term use. How should we remove the odor?
In fact, there are many ways to remove the odor of plastic containers, such as directly using the used tea leaves, using a small amount of tea, put it into a plastic bucket, flush the lid into the hot water, pour it out after a few hours, and then brush it with water. Or it should be possible to put two slices of fresh lemon into the cup for a few hours. Use a few milliliters of salt to dip the water and rub it inside the plastic bucket. The effect is not bad.
And if we can clean it every time when it is used, it can be cleaned by drying it and then storing it. When using it, you should pay attention to its maintenance and better use its life.


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