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How to open the kitchen cleaner nozzle

Recently, some netizens bought a bottle of kitchen cleaner from the supermarket, but the lid could not be opened. It was thought to be the same as the gel water. No, it is still bought, and it is impossible to press the detergent. Now only Can unscrew this down-pressure bottle cap and pour it out. Xiaobian believes that you must not be a person who often works at home.
In fact, the method is very simple. Hold the small nozzle and rotate it 360 degrees. In addition, there is a link between the bottle and the nozzle that is screwed to prevent the detergent from being accidentally pressed out during transportation. Finally, 佰佰 Safety Net Xiaobian reminds you that when cleaning the kitchen, you can use some appropriate cleaning products, such as kitchen cleaning cloth, kitchen cleaning wipes, etc., to help you clean.
Kitchen cleaning tips
1. Aluminum products are wiped off by oil: After the aluminum products are used for a long time, the surface will be stained with oil. When the aluminum product is boiled, the oil can be removed by wiping it with a rough paper on its outer edge.
2, the kitchen knife with salt water after a good grinding: use a blunt kitchen knife, first in the salt water for 20 minutes, and then grind, while grinding and pouring salt water. This makes it easy to grind, sharpen, and extend the life of the chopper.
3, how to scrub glassware: scrub fruit plate, cold bottle, cold tableware and other glassware, if there is not a lot of dirt stains, you can not use soap, washing powder, decontamination powder, only use some messy hair or tea residue scrub, not only save Time and effort, and the decontamination effect is more ideal than soap.


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