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How company developed a leak-free trigger sprayer


Shipping liquids is especially tricky in the small-parcel delivery environment where packages could find themselves oriented in any direction. Ecommerce titan Amazon rose to the challenge, and worked with a key closure supplier to engineer a trigger sprayer and bottle finish for brands that passes its stringent performance criteria, while cutting rework time and costs.

company gave Rieke three criteria:

1. Eliminate leaks, rather than simply reduce or contain them.

2. Provide an equivalent or better than brick-and-mortar experience for the customer—that is, for convenience, have no inner seals to remove and a product that is ready to use.

3. Allow consumers to remove the closure—to refill the bottle, for example—which required a redesign of the closure’s ratchets.

The patented Ultimate-E hits on all points, and offers an omni-channel solution for brands looking to expand into ecommerce while preventing proliferation of stock-keeping units (SKUs).

It also helps cut down on merchandise damage during ecommerce shipping, which costs millions of dollars annually (think of window cleaner leaking on a $350 pair of Bose headphones when shipped in the same order and case).


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