Emulsion pump head replaces glass bottle cap is future development trend


Emulsion pump head replaces glass bottle cap is future […]

Emulsion pump head replaces glass bottle cap is future development trend
The development potential of China's cosmetic plastic packaging industry is huge. With the rapid development of China's cosmetics industry and packaging industry, at the same time, in the future, cosmetic packaging materials will gradually use emulsion pump heads instead of glass bottle caps.
According to relevant data, China's cosmetic packaging industry is growing rapidly at a rate much higher than GDP. It is expected that the market size of the cosmetic plastic packaging industry will exceed 16 billion yuan by 2012. According to the forecast of the Dice consultant, China ’s cosmetic plastic packaging will The industry's average annual demand growth rate will exceed 15%. Notice on exerting the role of industry websites and advancing industry information work.
The value of the industrial chain of the cosmetic packaging bottle industry is concentrated on the two ends of product design and channel services. The cosmetic plastic packaging industry has shifted from a mode of relying only on output and price advantages in the early stages of development to a comprehensive supporting service model. The competition pattern of the cosmetics packaging industry is that foreign capital occupies high-end, and the share of domestic capital leaders gradually increases. The goals of the international cosmetics plastic packaging giants are mainly positioned in the global high-end market, and domestic enterprises are mainly positioned in the domestic market. In the future, the market share of domestic leading domestic enterprises is expected to gradually increase.