Composition principle of pump head on cosmetic bottle dispenser


In this age of beauty, everyone is practicing makeup. S […]

In this age of beauty, everyone is practicing makeup. Some people say that they don’t wear makeup and may not even be able to get out. Cosmetics have become one of the equipment that everyone must start, regardless of gender. Some cosmetic packaging is particularly delicate. Today we take a look at the composition principle of the pump head on the cosmetic bottle dispenser.
1. Different sealing
The distributor is divided into two types: zhakou stone and screw type. From different functions, it can be divided into spray foundation emulsion pump and vacuum bottle aerosol valve. A foundation on the market can be divided into air cushions or bottled liquid foundations, so it will be different at the seal.
2. Pump port size
The size of the cosmetic bottle inlet is determined by the diameter of the bottle body, the spray specification is 12.5mm-24mm, and the water output is 0.1ml/time-0.2ml/time. Regarding the emulsion pump, its specifications generally range from 16 to 38 ml, and the water output is 0.28 ml to 3.1 ml each time.
3. Special pump head
There is a special pump head that can produce foam after being squeezed. It is often used in external cleansing milk or clean gel bottles. The foam pump head is a non-inflation type hand pressure pump head. You can produce high-quality foam.

What to do if the cosmetic pump head can't be pressed out
There are some novices who don’t know how to use cosmetics. I have doubts about some squeeze cosmetics, because they squeeze many times and nothing comes out, or there is no way to squeeze directly. Why?
When using the pump head, there is a certain amount of air in the use expenditure. Many cosmetics are the same. It needs to be pressed a lot to press the air out. In this case, just press it directly. There is no special way.
Or just to see if the mouth of the pump head is rotated out? Like some shampoos or body lotions, the pump head needs to be rotated out before it can be used, even if it is not pressed. We have to see if there is a product introduction on the product packaging? The instructions are used according to the introduction instructions.
The cosmetics that I just bought cannot be squeezed out by the pump head. There are only two cases. Carefully observe the use, press multiple times, if there is no effect, you can contact customer service to help solve it.