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5 essential considerations for trigger sprayers


In many cases, the only thing standing between a product and its success is the means in which the product gets delivered from inside the container. Trigger sprayers provide an important example of this rule and there have five essentials to share so you can choose the right one.

The Top Variables of Trigger Sprayers
To get the most from your trigger sprayers, it helps to identify those created with world-class quality and innovative concepts. Along with exploring the many options available for trigger sprayers, we can help you sort out the inferior products and select from the following variables for optimal product performance.

1. Content: The first consideration for any potential trigger sprayers involves the compatibility of what's going in the bottle and through the sprayer. We can help you find the solution you need for almost any type of product, including contents requiring chemically resistant sprayers. And if foam is the desired output, we have a large selection of foam dispensers, too.

5 Essential Considerations for Trigger Sprayers

2. Sprayer Output: Simply put, this is a measure of the amount of liquid released with one full stroke after priming. A typical sprayer's output is .75cc, but there are options available all the way up to 5cc.

3. Spray Pattern: What kind of formation do you want the spraying liquid to take? Do you want a fine mist, a spray, a straight stream, a circular stream with uniform droplets, or something else? Whatever option or options you need, we can assist in finding the solution.

4. Assembly: As you think about how the package will ship, consider if the sprayer will be pre-assembled or if the consumer will need to attach the spray trigger components. With many garden products, the sprayer is attached to the outside of the bottle while common household cleaners come attached and immediately ready to be used. Often depending on where and how trigger sprayers will be used, we can help you weigh the deciding factors.

5. Shipper vs. non-shipper: Quality and careful consideration make a big difference here, affecting how your product survives its mode of transportation and how it may finally appear to consumers on the shelf. Many trigger sprayers have on/off positions, but a "shipper" is a trigger sprayer designed carefully so when it is shipped, it is sure to be in the "off" position and designed so it won't leak.


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