Why choose plastic spray bottle


Why do customers like high-quality plastic spray bottle […]

Why do customers like high-quality plastic spray bottles when they choose spray bottles?

Plastic spray bottles have the following advantages for customers:

1. Plastic material, lighter and more convenient to carry;

2. Compared with spray bottles made of glass and metal, plastic spray bottles are easier to form and make products that customers need more easily;

3. The cost is relatively lower than other materials, and the packaging grade is not lost;

4. Compared with other materials, the spray will be relatively more delicate. Since the plastic itself is softer, the bottle body will partly shrink when spraying, creating a hedging force, making the spray more delicate and longer;

5. It is less prone to leakage. The pump head is usually made of plastic material, and the spiral structure between the plastic and the plastic is more densely closed and firm, tightly locking the air, and less likely to leak. The airtightness of plastic and other materials is relatively poor, and other materials are more silky and harder to reinforce;

6. High cost performance. Plastic spray bottles kill other materials in terms of cost performance.

Of course, there are some strong acid and strong alkaline chemicals that are not suitable for plastics. This is more practical to use glass containers. Generally speaking, plastic spray bottles are unlikely to be used for chemically active compounds.