How the sprayer works


The role of the sprayer: ladies spray perfume, the pain […]

The role of the sprayer: ladies spray perfume, the painters use sprayers for inkjet painting, you will also see the sprayer when the advertiser creates the advertisement. Why can a sprayer spray perfume, raw materials and paint?
Bernoulli's principle: The Bernoulli principle says that in the same fluid, the flow rate is large and the pressure is small; the flow rate is small and the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the trigeminal tube, the low-speed flowing water flows to the high-speed flowing air. The water is torn by a high-speed air into a small drop (assuming that the water flowing out of the faucet is slow at the beginning, it is a water column; but then the speed gradually increases and becomes a drop). These small water droplets are sprayed out and become fog.
Here is an experiment that provides some simple concepts. Cut a thin piece of paper into a strip, hold one end, close to the mouth, and blow the tape hard.
At this point the belt will be blown horizontally, like a flag, if you continue to blow, this situation will continue. This is in accordance with the principle of the atomizer. The air blows the belt, and the airflow passes through the belt surface, so that the air above the belt flows at a high speed, so that the upper pressure is small, and the air pressure under the belt forms a pressure difference, and the gravity is overcome to make the belt horizontal.
Let's do another experiment and affirm its answer. Prepare a bobbin, fold the thick paper into a cylinder, insert it into the shaft, prepare a smooth piece of paper, cut it into a circle of 3 cm in diameter, insert a pin in the center of the circle, and place it under the prepared bobbin. , fix the paper. Then blow hard on the top of the paper tube, then you will think that the paper below is blown away by you, the result? Quite the opposite!
Why does the round paper not fall when blowing, but will it stick firmly to the spool? We saw that the airflow seemed to suck the paper. In this experiment, the root pin is fixed in the center to fix the paper in the center; if the pin is removed, the paper will slip. You can also try to explain it using the above principles.