How to use a spray nozzle for watering flowers


Many people know and directly see that the spray nozzle […]

Many people know and directly see that the spray nozzles seen in the living environment are generally used for watering flowers or for the pouring of crops. The most important thing to note about spray nozzles for watering flowers is that most people don't notice them.

Under normal circumstances, the nozzle will not be used, and the flower will be injured. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of various nozzles. This is not only for the spray nozzle, but also for many atomizing nozzles, fan nozzles, ceramic nozzles. And the use of these nozzles such as cleaning nozzles.

If it is a small amount of sweet-scented osmanthus, it is best to take artificial weeding. Weeding should be carried out before the germination of Osmanthus fragrans seedlings or after the growth of new growth. It is best to choose a cloudy day, do not hurt the roots of sweet-scented osmanthus seedlings. If the osmanthus seedlings are weeded in a large area, the herbicide can be used in an appropriate amount. But be careful, avoid the windy weather; the sprayer should be opened very small, the water drops should be larger, so it is not easy to spill onto the leaves of sweet-scented osmanthus; the nozzle is covered with a hat, the nozzle is as close to the ground as possible; the higher grass is pressed down first. Spray again. Because the sweet-scented osmanthus seedlings are too young, the herbicide sprays too much, which will hurt the sweet-scented osmanthus seedlings. And this is the most important thing to pay attention to when using spray nozzles for watering flowers.