How to identify whether the watering can is toxic


The products of the watering can manufacturers are wide […]

The products of the watering can manufacturers are widely used in life, and are often used for watering flowers or spraying pesticides. If he is toxic, it is easy to cause the vegetables to be affected and not to be eaten. So how do we identify if there is any toxicity at the time of purchase?

In fact, the method of identification is very simple. The first is the direct detection method. The non-toxic watering can is milky white translucent or colorless, transparent and very tough. When the hand touches, the surface feels waxy. The toxic product, the color turbidity feels sticky in the water, will not surface when pressed into the water, because the non-toxic product is relatively small, can rise to the surface. Another method is to use a fire-burning method. The non-toxic product is still blue in flame, dripping like paraffin, and rarely smoke, and some will soften and give a pungent odor.

Of course, we should also pay attention to when using it, we must check its sealing performance in advance, because in the event of a leak, the water pressure will not go up, causing the water inside to not be ejected. After use, he should also be cleaned and the liquid retained inside should be completely cleaned to avoid corrosion of the spray can.