Cosmetic spray production equipment


Cosmetics refer to daily chemical industrial products t […]

Cosmetics refer to daily chemical industrial products that are used to wipe, spray or other similar methods to walk and any part of the human body surface (skin, hair, nails, lips, etc.) to achieve cleaning, eliminating bad odors, skin care, beauty and modification purposes . Among them, cosmetics in the form of aerosols are also aerosol cosmetics. The main varieties are deodorant, antiperspirant, perfume sprayers, moisturizing spray, mosquito repellent, bath foam, skin care foam, mousse, hair spray, temporary Hair dye spray, shaving cream, etc.

Aerosol cosmetics have one yuan aerosol cosmetics and binary aerosol cosmetics. Today I will mainly introduce the production equipment and process of one yuan aerosol cosmetics. The most common ones on the market are moisturizing and sunscreen sprays.

One yuan aerosol cosmetics is a general term for aerosol cosmetics filled with "one yuan packaging". The filling process is as follows: first, the material is added to the material tank, and then the valve is pressed, and then through high pressure, propane butane, dimethyl ether or other irritating gas as a propellant is injected into the material tank and The material is mixed, and finally the accelerator (ie spray head) and bottle cap are installed. When in use, press the accelerator (namely the spray head) to prompt the valve to open, and the propellant is discharged from the tank to form a negative pressure, thereby bringing the discharged body to form a mixed spray.

Since the advent of aerosols, one-element packaging has been used until now. It can be said that the production process is very mature. At present, most of the aerosol cosmetic products in the market use one-element packaging. Here we take moisturizing spray water as an example to introduce its production process and cosmetic spray production equipment.

The production process of cosmetic sprays is roughly divided into three steps. First, the production of the original liquid is generally produced by stirring in a reactor. According to the different products produced, the reactor needs special specifications, such as: jacket heating, vacuuming, and circulation Emulsification, mechanical sealing, explosion-proof, etc.; the second step is to equip aerosol filling equipment and select aerosol equipment according to the products produced; the third step is to sample the produced products and pack them into the finished product. Warehouse.

Aerosol filling equipment is the core part of cosmetic spray production equipment. The basic process is filling-sealing-inflating. Take the fully automatic equipment as an example, the sequence is bottle unscramble, filling, valve, sealing, inflation, weighing, water area detection, buckle nozzle, buckle outer cover, coding, packing, etc.